Boxing Classes at Tapout Fitness

Fitness Sandy Springs has top notch boxing and cardio boxing instruction. Our program is built around a semi technical platform, meaning we teach boxing fundamentals at a high level, and allow our students to test out their skills in a variety of different training situations.

Boxers are amongst the best conditioned athletes on the planet, and they always have amazing physiques! Boxing provides a full-body workout that tones, sheds fat, and strengthens your entire body from your calves up to your shoulders. As far as cardio endurance goes, nothing beats boxing for a strong heart and lungs, and when it comes to burning off calories, Tapout Fitness’s boxing classes can burn well over 1,000 calories in a 60 minute training session. Whether you’ve never had a pair of boxing gloves on before, or you’re an old pro, Tapout Fitness has a class that can either teach you new skills or sharpen old ones.

Cardio Boxing

Cardio Boxing is a non-technical boxing class that focuses more on burning calories and less on teaching fundamental boxing skills. Our cardio boxing classes burn upwards of 1,000 calories in 60 minutes by utilizing a combination of intense warm-up, kettle bell and dumbbell strength work, boot camp style stations, bag work, mitt work, and movement drills, all done at a high pace for maximum cardio impact!

HIIT Combat Sports Boot Camps

A hybrid between cardio boxing and technical boxing, our boxing boot camps focus on developing strength and muscle tone in a boxing-centric workout. A high intensity body weight warm up will be followed by boxing based station training, with each station being done for 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Mitt work, heavy bag work, speed bag drills, and foot work training will burn calories and help you hone your boxing skills.


This is the flagship boxing program Tapout Fitness has to offer. While still an amazing and challenging strength and endurance workout program, this class is very focused on developing real life boxing skills thru small group advance mitt skills drills, light sparring, gladiator circles, and bag work of different kinds. While still geared towards our fitness demographic, this class will teach you how to use your hands like a professional!